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Holistic Massage, The binding of shiatsu, reflexology, and sensitive. To achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance. Massage Therapy and Hot Yoga is one of the best treatment to avoid your stress and feel relaxing. In Ibiza we can help you reactivate the energy!

We offer a wide selection of holistic treatments (Ibiza Top Massage) and bespoke fusion treatments that combine Eastern and Western techniques. Treatments take place either in the comfort of where you are staying and to be very frank all members of Our team are fully qualified therapists with long-term experience. We offer an extensive range of luxurious massage, Hot Yoga and beauty treatments in Ibiza.

Full Body Massage :

A pampering holistic fusion massage of the full body, with sweet almond oil and natural essential oils, both invigorating and relaxing, combining a unique selection of Asian and Western techniques.

Ayurvedic (Abhyanga) Massage :

A global holistic massage using warm oils (sesame, coconut, mustard oil and others) selected to suit the constitution of each individual: “Vata” (ether and air), “Pitta” (fire) or “Kapha” (water and earth). Through the activation of “Marma points” (107 vital points), the “Chakras” (7 main energetic centres) and the circulation of “Prana” (vital energy) are stimulated. The use of warm oil helps to purify the body as pores open and toxins eliminate. Tensions, fatigue and other chronic symptoms are dramatically reduced.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage :

An ancient and holistic treatment using sesame oil and powder of Calamus, producing a peeling effect and detoxification. Working with hands and feet this full body massage incorporates stretching elements from Yoga. It is a healing treatment that helps to increase the flow of vital energy, stimulate the lymphatic system and blood circulation, loosen joints and muscles, ventilate the lungs, and oxygenate the body through the practice of deep breathing.

If You are looking for stylish & luxurious retreat in Ibiza. Ibiza Top Massage collaborate various a fully qualified professional in massage Therapy & Hot Yoga. Call Now for an Appointment and you will get our services at your HOME, VILLA or HOTEL - +34 622288997

There is a place for each of us in this world where we can just be happy. You just have to look closely. You can find new ,creative and passionate classes, massages , activities, products and everything about healthy living. Relax and live a better life through our products and services. You can use them for you or gift to your loved ones.

Follow us, because everything we do, we do for your own good.

Our Spa services offers you therapies for the harmony between your body, mind and spirit:

Lifting face massage helps to smooth the appearance of expression lines , treats and prevents premature aging of the periocular area .

Revitalizing eye massage is a special treatment for the fragile areas of your eyes.

Post Surgery Massage plays an important role as a supplement to standard rehabilitation procedures after surgery.

Lymphatic Drainage is a comprehensive of manual techniques which facilitate the elimination of excess fluids and toxins in your body.

Visceral Manipulation is a treatment which does not focus only on the site of pain or dysfunction, but evaluates the entire body to find the source of the problem.

We offer you the most incredible massages you can have:

Stone massage is a therapy with hot basalt stones which have a healing power due to gradually released heat.

Aromatherapy massage with essential oils to maintain health , improves the functioning of the whole body , energize or relax depending on the oil used . Choose the massage oil based on the needs of the body : relaxing , revitalizing and moisturizing skin .

Californian Massage it fully meets the needs of clients looking to achieve effective and lasting relief of tension though deep relaxation, but also and most importantly to harmonize their entire being.

Relaxing Massage is a spa kind of healing for the ones which have big back pains and not enough time available.

Holistic massage is the combination of shiatsu, reflexology, tantric and sensitive. Is made for you to achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance.

Thai massage is for muscle pain in the cervical or lumbar or shoulder joint immobility and it may be relieved in this case with a therapy that combines the unique features of relaxing massage , acupressure and stretching thai .

Remodeling Massage is a deep and reductive massage for cellulite and “orange peel” skin , also works on gluteal area, thighs, and abdomen.

Shiatsu massage has techniques which include massages with fingers, thumbs, and palms.

Watsu Massage is a gentle form of body therapy performed in warm water.

Tui Na Massage makes use of various hand techniques in combination with acupuncture and other manipulation techniques. To enhance the healing process, the practitioner may recommend the use of Chinese herbs.

Hamaca Massage helps you release the pain in your body with a series of exercises in an hamaca.

Prenatal massage helps to relax the tense muscles, to ease the sore spots and to improve circulation and provides a way of well being for future moms .

Tantric massage is an intimate massage technique that is used both to promote relaxation and to create a more intimate connection between partners.

Swedish massage it involves long, fluid strokes of muscles and tissues with pressure that varies from light to strong.

Ibiza Massage, Yoga, Pilates, SPA Theraphy, Masaje

Feet Massage is a therapy indicated for people who suffer from really tired feet.

Also, here at Ibiza Massage Masaje we provide you with a series of different yoga classes to help you bring peace in your life, pilates, meditation, stretching and of course you can have your private personal trainer according with your busy life.

If you have your own dreams , desires or hopes that you want to accomplish , and you have already tried everything you know , you did everything you could but still did not get everything right and you've wanted you to be happy , to have a partner on the path to the courageous fulfillment way , I invite you to lifestyle coaching !

Most of us we know the principles of a healthy lifestyle . Most of us read thousands of pages about the benefits of fruits and vegetables in your diet or movement and the importance for our health . Yet , most often , we don’t put into practice what we know. We can help you with that in our healthy cooking classes.

Here at ibizatopmassage.com we are next to you on the path to a healthy life. We don’t give up on you, we support you and help you with every problem you have. Because a healthier life is a longer life.

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